Newingtons Accountancy is based in Leicester and has over 13 years experience working with both Start-up and Growing Businesses whose needs have evolved over time.

Our clients have stayed with us for anything up to 12 years and there aren’t that many Accountants who can say this.

We have clients from each of the following industries:

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Here's the Top 10 Reasons why Clients stay with us: (hover over number to reveal text)
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1.Peace of Mind

Our clients have trusted us to ensure that your tax returns are completed properly and on time and you have rightfully claimed tax allowance for as many of your costs as is possible.

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2.We work on a Relationship-Managed Service

No client is left to chase us. We contact you and follow up with your business and accountancy needs.

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3.Start-up Business Advice

We provide guidance on the best company structure (sole trader; limited company; partnerships; limited liability partnerships) as well as legal and tax issues that you may need to consider.

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4. Raising Finance for YOUR Business

We show you just how important it is for you to choose the right way to finance your business as it can impact your profitability. And most importantly how you can re-invest your cash to grow your business for the medium to long term opportunities.

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5. Advice on Running and Managing YOUR Business

We provide a qualified and impartial view of your business especially when you may not have anyone to discuss plans or bounce ideas off. Working with us means that you are able to translate new ideas into plans with support from us with your profit forecasts, break even analysis and cash flow forecasting, as well as with setting systems in place to monitor business performance.

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6.Looking after YOUR finances and taxes

You can carry on with running your business whilst we make sure that your accounts are fully up to date.

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7.Planning and Managing Growth

As the needs of your business grow either quickly or unexpectedly we are able to advise you on how to manage the additional financial requirements so that they’ve had adequate stock and working capital to manage the increased demand.

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8.Undertaking a Merger

We are on hand to advise on how to assess the value of buying or selling all or part of your business and on the most profitable and tax efficient way to undertake a merger with another business.

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9.Undertake Annual Pre-Audits

As your annual turnover increases significantly we’re able to ensure that you benefit by providing a review and reconciliation of your business to satisfy and comply with the law.

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10.Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on making sure that we provide the type of service we ourselves expect from other businesses. Trust and confidence go hand in hand and so does following through with the quality of our service from day one.